High Quality British Standard Black color Electrical dimmer switch for LED lights

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KX Big Button Electric Light Rocker Light Wall switch designe,fashionable and modern,the exquisite details,slim profile to fit every space and design,large hole spacing,no fighting,integrated design.with indicator light, safer and more convenient at night, Various color spray paint panels, meet the needs of different design styles.Provide customized color painting services, corresponding to the international standard color card, and restore the real needs of customers.
2.KX electric wall switch and socket consists of three parts: flame retardant PC,copper ,steel frame,also panel material can make of acrylic, glass ,3C certified PC flame retardant materials are safer,shock resistance,Avoid parts falling off and prolong service life,
inner switch parts:high quality phosphor copper with excellent conductivity and strong elasticity,Passed 40,000 times of live switch stroke test,
inner socket parts: high quality phosphor copper with excellent conductivity and strong elasticity,ensured 20000 times plug in &out,
alloy silver contact :use 0.25-0.3mm thickness alloy silver point effectively,reduce the electric arc and prolong the switch life,
Brass contact terminal, giving consideration to hardness and conductivity,0.7mm Red copper rocker, high purity copper parts.
3.Winden the spacing, easy to use. The socket is equipped with multi-functional interface to meet different types of plugs. The socket is equipped with a switch to control power on, and the indicator light shows the working state, which is safe and convenient. USB outlet meets the charging of intelligent devices. The jack is equipped with a safety clip to prevent accidental insertion, making the baby safer. All products have passed various internationally recognized certificates to meet the quality needs of different countries.Mainly used in home,club,hotel,office etc.
4.suitable for most countries in Asia and Africa,such as saudi arabia,Ghana,kenya,iraq,myanmar etc.


light dimmer switch
Applicable places:Home, hotel, office building
Mechanical Life:More than 4000 times
Sample:Free sample, The buyer pays the sample freight.
Carton size:50x32x20mm


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